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Lighting Services


Creative Lighting Solutions by L&L Outdoor Lighting Co.

We will design from scartch and fully install a lighting system that will illuminate your house the best based on your preferences and budget. We carefully plan everything about an installation from the wires that are used to the lights before we start installing.

Wiring Design Service

We get it, sometimes you just want to do the work yourself. We’ll guide you in the right direction!

We’ll design an optimal wiring plan and point you in the right direction on how to install. Even if you do it yourself, have us design it so it’s done right. You may not get the full potential if installed incorrectly or the wrong parts are used. We’ll come up with a lighting plan that will ensure you are not overloading the transformer and run into issues such as voltage drops.

Lighting Upgrades

If your old system is starting to give you a lot of problems or if you have an older high voltage system, we can update it to the latest which will save you money in the long run and increase the beauty of your home.

Innovative Lighting Automation

This is one of our favorite services. Technology has come a long way since we first started installing landscape lights. We offer home automation so that you can program the lights to work precisely how you want them and you can control them remotely from accross the globe. They work with Alexa or Google Home Assistant.


Repair and Maintenance

Something not working quite right with your existing system? It happens. We can troubleshoot it and come up with the best fix so that it does not continue happening. In some cases it becomes necessary to replace a fixture that has been damaged or not aged well with one of superior quality.

Commercial Lighting

We’re not limited to just homes. We’ve helped a lot of business with lighting projects that attract more customers or make it more enjoyable to their employees. Awaken your business’s unique architecture and create an elegant, inviting atmosphere with professional outdoor lighting form L&L Outdoor Lighting Co.


Frequently Asked Question

At L&L Outdoor Lighting Co., everything we do, every single day, is with the intention of creating and delivering products that allow people to see what matters most to them. We will do that by relentlessly pursuing ever better quality, ensuring continued innovation, always going one step further in our commitment to exceptional customer service and education, as well as creating on-trend designs that are both stylish and “life-stylish,” promising to deliver project success for you.

Absolutely. We accept all major credit cards. We take almost any form of payments except bitcoins.

We use the latest in LED low voltage lighting technology. Most installations actually consome less electricity than the lightbulbs used in a bedrooom.

Most installations can be completed in a day. While the installation might occur during the day time, we double check how everything looks at night so that it’s perfect.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on parts for all brass fixtures we install along with a 2 year craftsmanship warranty.

L&L Outdoor Lighting Co. is regularly monitoring COVID-19 and its continued impact to our community. As we continue to operate and serve you during these unprecedented times, please note that we are doing so with your health and safety as our top priority. We are closely following all CDC guidlines.