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L&L Outdoor Lighting Co.

Innovative Outdoor Lighting Services

Customers who discover L&L Outdoor Lighting Co. end up seeing things differently. We install landscape lighting systems for any style or application. All our installations stand the test of time as we only use high end brands installed by professionals.

A beautiful garden


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An enlightened in-house pathway

Paths & Walkways

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A house with stone rustic entrance


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A beautiful lightened house


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L&L Outdoor Lighting Co.
Lighting Design Firm

L&L Outdoor Lighting Co. is the premier source for all your outdoor lighting needs. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal as we work hard to exceed all expectations.

We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty.

Our designs are meticulously planned by actual certified electricians.

We take the extra time to do a quality job.

We're constantly pushing the boundary of landscape lighting. We use innovative equipment to provide unique designs that make your home shine in ways you never imagined. Count on us for your next project!

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Locally Owned

You get personalized service with us and we follow through.

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Professional Staff

Everyone involved in the installations is an expert in lighting.

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Unique Designs

We craft the ultimate lighting design for your home.

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Superior Service

A superior customer experience is our ultimate goal. See our pledge.

What Your Home Can Look Like

We Craft Stunning Lighting Masterpieces

Alvar Alto Museum

Casablanca, Morocco

European Lord Station

Strasbourg, France

Alvar Alto Museum

Casablanca, Morocco

European Lord Station

Strasbourg, France

Seascape Villa

Aqaba, Jordan

Handebr The Villa

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Seascape Villa

Aqaba, Jordan

Handebr The Villa

Rotterdam, Netherlands


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Increase Your Home's
Visual Appeal

You have a substantial investment in your home and a professionally landscaped property will enhance your long term investment. They say first impression is everything and the first impression of a well illuminated property can add up to 20% to the value of your home. Homeowners rely on L&L Outdoor Lighting Co. to create lighting designs that showcase their home in a way that increases its value.

Few things will impact your home’s curb appeal more than a quality lighting design.

A house surrounded by trees
A house surrounded by trees

Enjoy More of Your Home

Landscape lighting will dramatically enhance your home and extend your living spaces to include the outdoor environment, providing your home with extended space and visual interest. Even modest homes or those with limited yards can benefit from landscape lighting. Enjoy your entertainment spaces more than ever as you're able to make good use of outdoor barbeque areas, relaxation lounges, multi-level decks, pool and spa areas.

Lots of Lighting,
Little Power Consumption

All our lighting installations consist of the latest in low voltage fixtures and LED bulbs. To give you an idea, a regular lightbulb you might have inside your house consumes about 60W of electricty. On the other hand, one of our brightest LED bulbs consumes about 5W. That means you get all the benefits of outdoor lighting without consuming much more electricity. Total power consumed by a typical installation will likely be less than even the home's master bathroom.

Light-Smart - All About Saving

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Latest in Lighting Technology

With the latest technologies in lighting controls and home automation, we can simplify your life.

"Hey Alexa, turn on the landscape lights".

"Hey Google, turn on the path lights".

Advancements in LED lighting have made your choices even more attractive and add long term value to your property. With the technology we offer, you can control your home even from the other side of the world.

Safety and Security

A well-lit property is proven to deter potential intruders by illuminating and providing visibility in all areas. L&L Outdoor Lighting Co. combines form and function to make your home safer and more beautiful. Proper lighting such as area lighting, step lighting and path lighting are considered to provide safe passage for each individual area of your home.

A beautiful enlightened house
We use the best brands

We Offer Superior Customer Service

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